Seamlessly Exchange Contacts

Input any of their data

Got a business card or a LinkedIn QR Code? We'll scan and add it! Got an email, a social media nickname or a phone number? Write it in and we'll take care of the rest!

Enrich Their Information

We will look up their experience, interests, region, online mentions and websites as if you'd google them yourself. Why? So you can easier find common grounds.

Share Your contact details

Your new connection doesn't have the app? No problama! Choose the preferred profile and share it using email, SMS, LinkedIn, Facebook... you name it! They can download the vCard or continue connecting in the app.

Personalize your connections

Easily break the ice

Personalize the message they receive when connecting. It's 10x easier to follow up after the first message was sent.

Add tags, notes and topics

Add their interests, industry, traits, notes and some topics you've talked about. Tags and notes are for yourself. Topics are shared between both of you.


Take a selfie together

You gotta remember the moment! This is your chance to take a selfie together with your new contact and set it as a cover for your connection. Now you both can see it!

Build your relationships

Chat from one place

You chat from Handshakey and they chat from anywhere they want: LinkedIn, email, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp etc.


Give back to your network

How? By getting insights into what they might need help with and offering your help. This is proven to be the best way to build meaningful relationships.


And ask for help

Broadcast a message to all connections based on tags, topics, industry, interests or place you met. They'll receive a message based on how you've connected; on email, sms, linkedIn, messenger etc.


Meet with them

Find the best time and place to meet based on your preferences and location. We'll make sure to remind both of you and send the calendar invite.


Summarize your calls

Get an automated summary of your calls and make them searcheable. We know how challenging it is to have a call and forget details about it.


Track your interactions

Since all digital interactions happen through Handshakey app, you don't need to manually log them. Get insights into every interaction. Had a call? listen to what you've talked about or search through it.


Free for Everyone.
Premium for Professionals.



  • Unlimited Business Card Scans
  • 2 Contact Enrichments per Day
  • Connection Tags, Topics*, Notes & Selfie*
  • 1 Profile
  • Chat to email or LinkedIn
  • 1 Broadcast message per day*
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  • Everything in Free
  • 10 Contact Enrichments per day
  • Unlimited Profiles
  • Remind to Catch Up*
  • Summarize phone calls*
  • Unlimited Broadcast Messages*
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our team

The Handshakers!

Filip Luchianenco

Entrepreneur & Software Engineer

Previously worked on apps with 10mln+ downloads

Cristi Grama

Co-Founder, does all the UI/UX

Previously built UI/UX for online gambling games with $100mln+ in monthly transactions

Marin Tutuc

Co-Founder, does iOS & Android

Previously worked on one of the biggest electronic wallet in Eastern Europe

Irina Grigoras

Co-Founder, does graphic design and UI/UX

Previously designed all the materials for 100+ loan officers

Francois Huynh

Does PR Social Media and Ads

Previously did marketing & PR for launching and selling products worldwide

Frank Robles

Advisor, 20 years experience as CTO/COO

Successfully built more than 10 startups and some of them are worth $100mln+


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